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What if Guests Could Order From Anywhere?

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The Hotefy Experience


Increase Revenue by 30%

Increase per customer average revenue by 30%.  Some customer demographics by over 1000%

Increase Customer Rating

Hotefy customers have reported a increase in the quantity and average rating of reviews provided by their customers
Reduce Costs
Hotefy on-demand service reduces staff requirements in service areas, and can allow you to consolidate kitchens and outlets
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Re-Open On a Shoestring

On Demand Service
Room cleaned every day? Switch to Room Clean requests on Demand with Hotefy
Reduce Staff
Dining, Bar, and Poolside Service? Reduce staff required to patrol service areas of the hotel. Hotefy allows your customers to order from anywhere without waiting for a server. 
Consolidate Outlets
Consolidate outlets into fewer or single basic menu serviced by a single kitchen.
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It worked for them

Since 2014 Order Services Inc’s Hotefy has delivered industry leading Hotel solutions for the hospitality industry in over 32 countries.

Customer Feedback Prompts

With a customer feedback system build in, you will start to get direct feedback from your customers. Here are some positive things they had to say about Hotefy.
5star QR Hotel Menu Ordering
I loved the poolside service. Thank you for an amazing stay. I will be leaving a review”
5star QR Hotel Menu Ordering
“Was the most amazing stay. Your Staff are amazing and I loved your app.”
5star QR Hotel Menu Ordering
"We had the great stay ... the QR system was super helpful, we were hooked on it.”

Not an Accommodation Venue?

Hotefy is optimised for accommodation venues. For Restaurants, Bars, Events, and other venue types please check out our companion product Orderlina.


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Save Thousands on Design and Developing a Custom Solution

Customization is a quintessential part of Hotefy. Use prebuilt pages to start in minutes or create new pages and styles to suit your Brand.

Fully Responsive
Multiple Layouts
Modular Components
Suits Your Style
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“..changed the game, amazing tech, amazing value”

Plans For All Size Venues

Whether B&B, Guest House, Economy Stay, or International Hotel Brand, Hotefy.com has you covered. Fair subscription based pricing, no commissions on orders or room upgrades! Our plans are priced according to your occupancy, based open Outlets with unlimited rooms included.  Try our Trial Plan. No Credit Card or Commitment Needed


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$ 49
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$ 199
Per Month
Fully Customizable Hotel & Resort Solution
Room Service, Pool, Restaurant, Anywhere Ordering
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Optional Payment by Apple, Google Pay & Cards
Custom Domain


For Custom Branded or Multi-Location solutions please schedule a Demo or submit an Enterprise Inquiry


We encourage all venue sizes to start on the Free Plan and upgrade once you have properly evaluated Hotefy.

This is currently not possible. You can download some data directly in the Hotefy dashboard, and all data can be retrieved via a support ticket.

No, you will receive a notification email once the monthly limit has been exceeded. You will have 7 days to choose to pause the service or upgrade. If you pause the service, you may resume it again for another free 200 visits on the 1st of the following month.

Yes, please get in touch with us if you believe that your needs have not been properly address on this page. Please click the 'Contact Us' link in the header or scroll to the bottom of the page.

Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch
Launch in Minutes

Designed by Hotel owners, Hotefy requires no lengthy sign up, no contracts, no phone calls, no meetings, no approval. Register, create your venue, and you tell your customers. You are in control.

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“The system allowed us to get up and running fairly quickly. It was functional from day 1 and we haven't looked back.”
Zero Learning Curve

Hotefy was designed to minimise staff training. We understand that staff movement is part of hospitality and that software design plays a large role in training time.

Ashley Mance avatar image
“Compared to the other systems we use, its night and day. Love the design, simplicity. I don't think staff have ever had a problem.”
Manage Permissions

Give employees access they need. Provide edit access to menus, orders, marketing, hotel maintenance, or dozens of other features.

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“We started with full access for everyone. Now we manage permissions to help make the job easier”
Toggle Alerts

Manage sound, email, push, and sms alerts. Ensure staff reliably alerted to time critical information.

Harvey Derwent avatar image
“Seperating queues for the different guest type tasks is great. Ensures we aren't bombarded.”
“..polished product from a solid performer in the hospitality industry.”
“It’s clear that the team at Hotefy have been listening to their customers.”
“The future is looking bright for Order Services’ newest offering. One to watch for sure.”
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Customers Love It


No Download, No Install

Less than 5% of customers download a hotel app with stated reasons including 'using a company phone', 'limited memory', or 'short stay'. In contrast, a web app achieves greater than 80% usage.

Works On All Customers Devices

iPhones, Androids, laptops, tablets, and all other devices. No complaints.

Just Works

Most importantly, Hotefy just works! Your customers will come to rely on it and they will be coming back for more.
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Get started right now

Get started on the Free Plan. No credit card needed, no commitments, nothing to lose.

Contact Us

Have some more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

    Trial Plan

    The hotel industry has been impacted by Covid19 unlike any other industry. Since the recent pandemic Hotefy offers a Trial Plan. Sign up without payment details or commitments of any kind. Switch to a Premium plan once customers return and you exceed Trial Plan limits.

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    • Full Feature Access
    • No Credit Card Needed
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    For Custom Branded or Multi-Location solutions please schedule a Demo with us or complete the adjacent Enterprise Inquiry Form. 

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