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The Finalists: The Top 8 Hotel Concierge Apps in 2022

Technology has become ubiquitous in both our professional and personal lives. As of 2021, there isn’t a single business that has not been touched by the influence of technology. The sophistication of mobile technology and its integration with the Internet has been a tipping point and a force multiplier. It has brought these technologies closer to our lives in the form of smartphones and other devices.

One industry where technological tools have been critically leveraged with success – as well as allowing them to overcome some of the perils of COVID – is the hospitality sector. Delivery apps, QR code menus, and contactless payments are some of the more visible applications of these technologies. Even before COVID, these apps were gaining traction among regular customers in the food and beverage (F&B) and hospitality sectors.

An example of technology that is increasing in popularity is the concierge app, also referred to as a hotel guest app. Hotel guest software is either web-based or an installed native mobile app that allows the guest to interact with and purchase goods and services from the hotel. These apps allow the hotel to increase guest revenue and manage their properties without increasing staff, so their increased adoption is not surprising.

Although hotel concierge software was known in the pre-COVID era, its relevance to the customer has increased with the immediate need for contactless technology as hotels reopen to tourism again. Before we go any further, let us understand what these concierge apps are all about.

What is Hotel Concierge Software?

We will keep technical definitions aside, but concierge apps are mobile apps that allow the guests in the hotel to order services from the comfort of their smartphones. These come in handy by allowing hotels to offer customized experiences to their guests without being too dependent upon the staff.

Ideal hotel guest software will be web-based, no downloading required, and will allow the hotel to offer all main services, ranging from housekeeping and in-room services to food ordering and travel booking. In addition, it eases the pressure on the front desk in serving customers in the best manner possible.

Most Desired Features in Concierge Apps

Most concierge apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store before checking into the hotel.

Some of the desired features in a concierge app for guests include:

  • CHECK-INS: In most cases, a guest has to engage with the front desk for check-ins. With the hotel guest app, they can completely do away with this step and directly proceed to their rooms - opening their rooms with the app itself.
  • ORDERING: In the past, the guest would be required to order on the phone for services. With the hotel concierge software, it is no longer necessary to hold a conversation as the ordering process and payments can be completed over by the app.
  • MULTILINGUAL: If your hotel receives a lot of overseas guests, perhaps your staff is frequently running into language barriers. Your hotel concierge app will prevent this from becoming an issue for guests, allowing a smooth experience while obtaining the services they desire.
  • PRE-ARRIVAL SERVICE UPGRADES: By interacting with the app prior to check-in, your guests can even ensure the availability of all services they look forward to.
  • CHAT: If your guests are in need of any specialized services, the chat feature in the hotel guest app will allow them to seamlessly interact with staff for more clarity on the services and their availability.

Other Features in a Hotel Concierge App

  • OFFER ALL SERVICES: A hotel has the luxury of featuring all of its services on the concierge app for an all-around, comprehensive, and fulfilling experience for the guests.
  • IMPROVE COLLABORATION: With the concierge app, all orders will come to a centralized location which will allow the guest services team to function in a more coordinated and collaborative manner.
  • IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Hotels will no longer be missing out on service requests due to miscommunication or language barriers. And, the guests will get the exact services they requested.
  • BETTER REVIEWS: Hotels are likely to get better reviews on third-party review sites due to the seamless and streamlined functioning of the hotel concierge app. The risk of dissatisfied guests can be reduced to nil.
  • WEB APP: Most hotel concierge software systems are cloud-based and hotels would not be required to install them locally. They can operate conveniently online without worrying about legacy systems.

Top 8 Hotel Concierge Apps Currently Available

1. ALICE Guest Services

This hotel guest software allows guests to contact staff with questions, requests, and desired concierge services. For hotels, it allows for improved communication, push notifications, and the ability to provide all the services from a single location. This app is from the USA.

Pricing: Provided by the vendor


2. Alliants Concierge

This hotel guest app allows the sharing of real-time requests from the guests to the staff in the minimum time possible. A single dashboard allows staff members to manage all requests. This app is from the USA.


Basic - $1.50/room/month

Premium - $3.50/user/month

Enterprise - Custom pricing


3. Flexkeeping

This app was created by a former housekeeper and is primarily designed as staff communication and housekeeping software. The guest services team can exchange data and information, resolve concerns, and ensure things get done. This app is from Slovenia.

Pricing: Provided by the vendor


4. Hotefy

This hotel concierge app has made a name for itself in 32 countries around the world. Although it's relatively new, it has been able to command a presence in the hospitality sector. One of the best things about this app is that it is priced extremely competitively. It allows the guests to request the most mundane to the most sophisticated services from their smartphones. Hotels that have used this app have shown a 30% increase in revenue, improved customer ratings, and savings on expenses. It’s extremely versatile and even allows hotels to outsource F&B and tours to local operators.


Free - $0/month

Premium - $119/month

Premium Large - $249/month


5. Eleanor App

This one allows you to manage relationships with your guests in a resort-centric guest experience platform. This unlocks operational efficiencies while improving revenues. It is ideally suited for resorts and has been created by British folks with 15 years of experience running resorts in the United Kingdom.

Pricing: All products start with a free trial


6. Faundit

This is primarily a hotel concierge app that specializes in handling “lost and found” scenarios in hotels. It seeks to automate all complicated procedures to provide innovative solutions to hotel guests. It has been created in Denmark.

Pricing: Free


7. ATLIST Scheduling

This again is a concierge app that allows hotels to share availability and confirm bookings. Although most of its features on service scheduling are automated, it does allow manual interventions for specialized services to add that personal touch. It was created in the USA.


Independent: $9/month

Professional: $300 one time or $29/month

Business: Custom pricing


8. Infosys App

This hotel guest software allows a highly personalized guest experience. It uses data on guest preferences to provide customized information on facilities at hotels and partner establishments. This app is from India.

Pricing: Provided by the vendor



Each hotel concierge app above boasts a solution for different types of needs. If you have a resort-style set up, you might gravitate toward the Eleanor App. But in case you are looking for a hard core hotel concierge app, then it would be better to go with Hotefy as it offers cost-effectiveness and the kind of experience sought from a bonafide guest app for hotels.

Going forward, hotel concierge software and apps are likely to be the order of the day. Even in a post-pandemic era, we are likely to witness people being more comfortable with apps than interacting directly with the hotel staff for requests.

Already there are mainstream hotel brands like Marriott and Hilton rolling out their own apps; while this may help with loyalty, they tend to have less engagement from guests who do not want to download another app.

Choose from any of the hotel guest software on this list and make an informed choice based on your specific needs. At the end of the day, it is about giving your guests the best experience possible.

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