September 1, 2021

Virtual Concierge vs Digital Concierge: Pros and Cons, a Guide

As guests are booking into your venue, it’s the perfect opportunity to offer them a concierge service that makes their…

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Hotefy Room Service App

How To Set Up a Mobile Concierge App For Your Hotel

In this tutorial we take you through the main steps for setting up a mobile concierge for your hotel or…

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Hotel Concierge App Guest Ordering QR Menu

The 8 Best Concierge Apps for Hotels 2021

The Finalists: The Top 8 Hotel Concierge Apps in 2021   1. ALICE Guest Services 2. Alliants Concierge 3. Flexkeeping …

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Hotel QR Ordering

How A Contactless Ordering Solution Can Increase Hotel Guest Revenue

Adversity is the mother of innovation, and a contactless ordering solution may be a deal-breaker for hospitality businesses. Innovative technologies…

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