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2022-01-28 16:42:36



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With the hotel industry becoming ever more competitive, it’s not surprising that many hoteliers and venue owners are looking for ways to maximize room rates. As well as offer their guests modern ways of connecting with their business. Such as making savings on digital hotel directory compendium and a wealth of other solutions.

New technologies are giving those in the hotel industry a competitive edge. So as part of this, you might be wondering what a directory compendium solution is and which options are the best? 

If so then you’ve come to the right place!

In our helpful article, we will give you the lowdown on how it can help your hotel business rise above your competitors. Alongside a review of 7 of the best digital hotel directory compendium solutions. 

Ok so before we head into the reviews, so you can more easily understand the best directory compendium solutions, let’s find out exactly what one is. 

What a digital hotel directory compendium solution is 

A directory compendium sometimes referred to as in-room directories, is still fairly common in the holiday accommodation industry. 

Even though they have evolved into more than a few leaflets on local amenities, and to show where the fire exits are, today’s hotels are able to offer much more than a plastic folder! 

In essence, they are an important tool for letting your guests know important information about your venue. They also promote any additional services you offer

While they may have evolved over the years, with many properties now featuring digital compendiums streamed via their TVs, they still act as an important tool for communicating essential information about your property. 

It’s also a great way to promote any additional services you offer, or what’s happening in the local area.

Directory compendium solutions have recently progressed into the digital landscape. Many hotels now offer digital compendiums which stream to tv and are displayed across a series of devices in app form, or via the web. 


digital hotel directory compendium

Why use a digital version? 

The first key benefit of using hotel software is the fact that almost as soon as you spend hefty amounts on written information to include inside a physical directory, the information is virtually out of date. 

With the cost, time and energy required it sometimes means paper compendiums are rarely and sometimes never updated.

A digital compendium gives venue owners and hoteliers the ability to update and publish details in real-time.

Digitalising your guest information helps to increase revenue by boosting quick and easy access to your services simply via one platform. 

Customers can view room service and restaurant menus via room TVs or on their own devices and also place orders. 

By using the best hotel software, guests can also check-in without visiting the front desk saving on staff costs.

Here are a few more benefits of using digital compendiums. 

  • Completely contactless 
  • Instant guest access 
  • Up to date user analytics 
  • Allows simple guest messaging 
  • Drives guest engagement 

Ok so with the explanations covered, let’s head straight into a review of 7 of the best Digital Hotel Directory Compendium Solutions. 


Similar to other digital compendium solutions, Hinfo boasts a wealth of benefits and can be accessed via an app or via the web on guest’s devices. 

Guests can order room service, check-in and again, similar to some of the best hotel software, customers can check the news, weather, and local attractions. 

Hinfo also includes a built-in Auto Translate service, that allows your property to translate your English details into any of the 15 languages we support.

So anyone looking for a top digital hotel directory compendium solution it’s not difficult to see that Hinfo is one of the top contenders.



Hinfos pricing strategy is based on a subscription model and is US$16.56 per month, invoiced once a year. On an annual basis, this means Hinfo will cost your venue less than $200 a year 

Hotel owners can also opt-in at an extra $4 to add in up to three translation languages, with one free.


According to Saba’s website, it provides your guests with its own personal Butler and so far has saved users 1,160,000 in labor costs. 

This award-winning app scooped the people’s Choice Award for most innovative technology at HITEC Minneapolis 2019. 

Similar to other digital hotel compendium solutions, its digital F&B platform gives any property an easy and effective online ordering tool, allowing guests to browse and place orders whenever they want, from their own mobile device

Hoteliers can Introduce property, facilities, and services with videos, pictures, documents, links, etc by scanning a QR code or embed into existing applications. 


Prices are not available to readily view on the Saba website. To find out more you can book a demo and fill in a contact form with your specifics, such as the number of rooms. 



In the same way as many other of the best hotel compendium solutions, Portier offers its customers easy deployment, simple data capture, and a way to increase reviews using their software.

Their case studies also boast 70% user engagement and $2000 extra revenue per villa generated at one venue. 

Whether it’s content hotel staff upload or push messages they create, each content-related item is powered by the ability to add, move and change call-to-action buttons (CTAB), all via the Portier Portal



Vamoos is currently ranked 4th out of 65 guest hotel apps on 

It started life originally as a luxury travel company app for agents and travel companies to create holiday packages. 

They offer hotel owners the opportunity to access this network along with claims of increasing guest booking value.

They describe their offering as customizable and visually engaging. 

Users can connect with guests to help them plan visits and book activities before they arrive similar to other hotel software.  


Vamoos’s pricing structure is based on the number of rooms in your hotel. 

Hotels with between 20 and 49 rooms, expect to pay $135. For larger hotels from 50 to 99 rooms, the cost is $270. These costs also include access to their exclusive travel company network



Hotefy has earned its place as one of the top digital hotel directory solutions!

According to recent reports, many Hotefy customers have enjoyed a significant increase in the quantity and average rating of reviews recently provided by their customers. 

The on-demand service allows hoteliers to maximize kitchens and other outlets while enjoying up to a 30% increase in revenue,

Other uses of the Hotefy app boast an impressive 10000% increase in revenue.

Customization is a quintessential part of Hotefy. Users can get started in minutes with the use of prebuilt pages. Or can fully customize new pages to reflect branding. 



Hotefy offers its users a free version of its hotel software along with a paid version costing $119 a month. Users can enjoy integration with Orderlina and a range of popular POS software. 


Guestfriend’s hotel app contains many of the features of the best digital guest directories.

It will be listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. And comes with an individual app icon. Similar to many other of the top digital hotel directory solutions guests can access a web version via an Internet browser 

Guestfriend offers a built-in travel guide alongside some of the usual directory features such as important Guest information, hygiene regulations, menus, and other services offered by your establishment.

Guestfriend is similar to all of the best hotel guest directory digital solutions. They also offer ‘greener’ options such as the ability to cancel everyday room cleaning facilities for sustainability. 


Information about the pricing structure is not available on their website. 



So last on our review of the top digital hotel directory compendium Solutions is Suitepad

According to SuitePad’s website, they offer a guest registry, with all forms, brochures, and even newspapers available with their software. This is similar to most other digital directory solutions. 

Again, similar to others on our list of top hotel software. Suitepad can help your guests to book many different hotel services. These can include sightseeing tours, spa appointments, and room service. 

Suitepad combines a digital guest registry that can also include other services your venue offers. Such as a hotel shop, bar and restaurant, in-room entertainment, and a room service menu. 


Suitepad does not have pricing displayed on its website, but similar to Sava and Porter, it’s based on an online form with a series of questions about your venue which then generates a quotation. 


And finally… more help on your digital hotel directory compendium

So there you have it! How a digital hotel compendium solution can help to take your venue to the next level, maximize profit and increase upsell.

For more ways to increase, upsell don’t forget to check out our other helpful article ‘10 Modern Upsell Tactics.’ 

And to discover more about how Hotefy can help your hotel or venue to thrive, find out about our free starter plan. 

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