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hotel management software for large companies
March 26, 2022

8 Best Hotel Management Software for Hotel Groups and Chains

Technology in hotels has set up the industry for the future, and hotels across the world are reopening after recent…

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hotel staff member tipping hat

9 Concierge Tips and Tricks That Give Your Hotel the Edge

Designing a concierge-style service can be achieved in any kind of hotel with the help of concierge tips and tricks.…

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man in suit holding tablet

8 Contactless Upgrades: A Safe Stay for Your Hotel Guests

The world of hospitality is ever-changing, not only due to increasing levels of competition but also due to world events.…

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digital hotel directory compendium

Top 7 Digital Hotel Directory Compendium Solutions

With the hotel industry becoming ever more competitive, it’s not surprising that many hoteliers and venue owners are looking for…

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how do hotel apps work

How Hotel Apps Work: And 10 Reasons Your Hotel Needs One!

Here's how hotel apps work. Well, with the hotel industry worth a staggering 93.07 billion U.S. dollars according to experts,…

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hotel reception staff

Top 10 Reasons Why Staff Uniform Is Important in a Hotel

A uniform in most positions carries a lot of considerable benefits – from promotion to authority, identity, and professional perspectives.…

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upselling techniques in hotels

Upselling Techniques in Hotels: 10 Modern Upsell Tactics

The hotel industry is facing changes in its customers' demographics and overall profiles.  So it’s not surprising that many hoteliers…

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