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2022-03-26 11:49:05



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Technology in hotels has set up the industry for the future, and hotels across the world are reopening after recent world events. So software for hotel groups, and technology in general in the hotel and hospitality sector has become more important than ever.

It stands to play a key role in its recovery …and beyond. 

Management software can be for hotels of all sizes, but what about the needs and requirements of larger hotels where the facets, and scale, introduce greater complexities?

To help dissect this further, we’ll take you through some of the best hotel management software for hotel groups, and large hotel chains.

To begin with, so we understand exactly what is meant by a “large” hotel, here’s a brief description. 

What is a large hotel? 

It sounds as if this answer should be obvious! However, it can be subjective. So in the hotel industry, there are generally recognized guidelines for the types of hotels that are large. 

A large hotel generally has more than 100 rooms, a medium-sized hotel usually has between 50 and 99, and smaller hotels, 49 rooms or fewer.

Some hotels are super-sized in terms of how many room options they offer. Some hotels fit this category such as The First World Hotel in Malaysia which has a staggering 7,351 rooms! I think we can safely say that’s a large hotel!


First World Hotel. image source

So why make the distinction between hotel size when it comes to technology?

Why is technology important for large hotels? 

Hotels of any size, especially large venues can use technology such as management software for hotel groups to improve efficiency on a much wider, larger-scale level.

Optimize procedures across numerous tasks, staff, and departments. And save on costs that are less likely to be missed in smaller venues.

When it comes to scaling, hotel software can keep a better grasp on multiple areas.

More and more, large hotels are recovering from the world pandemic and integrating systems to facilitate everyday management.

From tracking housekeeping, including PMS tools to managing room status, many large hotels are using technology to streamline hotel management procedures.

What kind of management system do larger hotels need? 

It goes without saying, larger hotels will have multiple requirements in order for the software to run efficiently and seamlessly.

Many of the best hotel management systems will be able to cater to these more complex needs, such as a system that can effectively cope with larger bookings. 

Most larger hotels are looking for technological solutions which go above and beyond a reservation system, front office, and housekeeping. 

Larger hotels requirements can include: 

  • POS services 
  • Sales 
  • Back office 
  • Marketing solutions 
  • Group bookings 
  • Revenue management
  • Self-service 
  • Access control systems 

Larger hotels will also benefit from management systems that allow focus on the following: 

  • Integration of rooms list 
  • Group account invoicing along with individual facility 
  • Multiple room allocation 

Larger hotels might also require specific software solutions for golf or spa facilities 

With more guests checking in, the best hotel management system should also be able to cope effectively with a swift check-in and checkout. 

“Larger hotels might also require specific software solutions for golf or spa facilities” 

Along with functions that quicken up processes such as check-in, larger hotel chains would be looking for hotel management software that also offers reporting and centralized configuration modules. 



HotelTime offers a cloud-based solution and currently is being used in properties that have 400 or more rooms. 

It is a choice for hotel chains as it offers functionality to manage multi-property enterprises, such as current users with 15 venues. 

HotelTime boasts being at the forefront of hotel tech offering an open platform system that easily integrates with other third-party software, and is forward-looking to new technologies. 


image source

2. Protel 

According to Protel, they are one of the most experienced and successful providers of hospitality technology.  More than 14,000 hotels use the Protel property management system. 

Protel gives larger hotels the ability to drive sales, allow guests to book multiple rooms, and also gives options for customizable offers for group clients. 

This world-leading hospitality solution connects with many types of technologies by using one standard framework. 


image source

3. eZee Front Desk

This flexible and complete system comes with a wealth of modules that allows: 

  • Group bookings 
  • Front and back-office management 
  • Guest relationship 
  • Banquet, minibar, and restaurant management 
  • Housekeeping 

Some reviewers have claimed, although it looks more complex than other hotel management systems, it is a good affordable option to Opera.

It can cater to all kinds of properties including motels, smaller vacation rentals as well as larger hotels and resorts. 


image source

4. Cloud Beds 

This software for larger hotels has the added bonus of interacting seamlessly with some of the top travel sites such as Expedia and Trip Advisor. 

Its management suite is designed to simplify many hotel operations such as 

  • Accounting 
  • Housekeeping 
  • Room assignment 
  • Reservation management 

As an added bonus, the software works seamlessly with top travel sites such as TripAdvisor and Expedia. And it’s been rated among the top choices in its class.

“It’s management suite is designed to simplify many hotel operations”


image source

5. Mews 

Mews has a powerful API that connects to a range of over 400 types of hotel digital split rooms. 

One of its USPs is its in-house management system, along with a wealth of other tools including 

  • Mobile back-office 
  • Advanced reporting 
  • Integrated payments 
  • Supports a wide variety of languages 

Mews also offers integration with global distribution systems and Chanel managers such as

  • Cubilis
  • Vertical booking 
  • SiteMinder 
  • HotelREZ
  • TravelClick 
  • WebHotelier 

image source

6. Quore 

Quore systems are the preferred vendor for InterContinental Hotels Group and provide system management to its 3,800 hotels based in the Americas.

This system, which makes our list of best hotel management software for hotel groups and for large companies, works to help the IHG group capture guests’ requests, whilst automatically linking with the correct member of staff. 

It works on a cloud-based platform and helps streamlined larger hotels’ workflow and incessant guest satisfaction by… 

  • Centralizing key operations 
  • Enables simple tracking 
  • Automatic cascading and escalation 

image source

7. Opera 

Opera is a legacy hotel system and is used in many larger hotel chains such as The Hyatt and Marriott hotels. 

It offers users. Gesture set which can be configured to meet the requirements of larger-scale operations, while managing all daily activity. 

It also offers advanced interface capabilities through MICROS OPERA which can help drive sales, increase profits and guest satisfaction. 

Opera can handle reservations, manage accounting and billing. 

Ok so now we’ve found out some of the best management systems for larger hotels, but how can Hotefy work with larger hotel chains and luxury resorts? 

“Opera is a legacy hotel system and is used in many larger hotel chains such as The Hyatt and Marriott hotels.”


image source

8. Hotefy


Hotefy gives your guests a complete mobile experience and helps hotels with up to 200 rooms reduce their operational costs. 

How Hotefy can help guests in larger hotels

Using Hotefy, you can seamlessly integrate with PIS/PMS, while increasing F&B and room revenue. 

Hotefy offers unlimited room, pool, and anywhere ordering. Guests can order using QR codes in their room, pool, or beachside. With room upgrade facilities, increase revenue and allow guests to book wellness experiences and tours in advance.

Guests can keep in touch with staff via guest chat in many languages and pay using Apple, Google Pay, and credit/debit cards. 

Hotefy offers limitless guest scans so you can learn more about your guest requirements. 

With a customizable interface, Hotefy offers a complete solution for your larger hotel brand. 

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