How Hotel Apps Work: And 10 Reasons Your Hotel Needs One!


2022-01-20 10:57:18



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Here’s how hotel apps work. Well, with the hotel industry worth a staggering 93.07 billion U.S. dollars according to experts, it’s not surprising that many hoteliers are looking to maximize their profits by adopting the latest technology.

To keep up with the competition and customers’ ever-increasing internet usage, online hotel booking is a convenient option and has boomed in the last decade. But what about hotel apps? How do they work and why does your hotel need one? 

In our helpful article, we will find out the definitive answer! Let’s discover the quick takeaway first and then dive into a little more detail. 

Hotel apps work by providing your guests with a simple and cost-effective way to order services from their smartphones. They can order room service, chat with staff, arrange excursions and flights. Hotel apps take mobile payments, offer QR codes, and are easily integrated into your POS systems 

How hotel apps work

Ok so with the brief in place, you wondering more about the details on how hotel apps work …and more importantly, the reasons why your hotel needs one.


Let’s start with a quick overview of hotel apps and how they work. 

How does a concierge app work? 

A hotel concierge app allows its users to access your venue’s services or information, using simple interactions on customers’ smartphones and tablets. 

In a nutshell, without getting too much into technical explanations, your customers can use their smartphones to interact with your services, including the bar, restaurant, room, and other services you offer.

One of the chief benefits of a hotel app is the fact your guests can use and book your services in advance. They will also be able to view the rooms, pool areas, spa, etc, chat with staff and also leave comments. 

“your customers can use their smartphones to interact with your services”

How does the best hotel app work? 

The best hotel concierge apps work by: 

  • Taking mobile payments from cards, including Apple & Google Pay.
  • Allowing to guest to order room and pool services using a simple QR code 
  • Offering customization to include your venue’s colors and brand. 
  • Giving your guests the opportunity to choose twice. week room cleaning rather than daily, reducing costs.
  • Upgrading rooms, booking tours and booking spa and other wellness activities in advance more simply. 

Ok so with some information on how a concierge app works to serve both customers’ needs and those of your venue, let’s discover 10 of the best reasons your hotel needs one. 

“One of the chief benefits of a hotel app is the fact your guests can use and book your services in advance”. 

1. A powerful marketing tool

A hotel app is another more powerful marketing tool for your hospitality venue. 

A well-branded app can show your guests at a glance the services you offer and allow them to experience your brand. 

You will also be able to promote your venue via integration with social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook. 

It can be used to promote your business in marketing campaigns by expanding the target audience and also promoting customer loyalty and return bookings. 

2. Easy and fast communication 

A well-optimized hotel app means conversations between staff and guests will be simpler and more effective. 

Guests can make requests, clarify details, order room service and take advantage of any special deals and promotions. 

You will also be able to receive direct feedback from guests, including reviews, important for popular hotel sites such as Tripadvisor. 


3. Cost-saving

With an online tool like a virtual concierge, you can save on staff costs. This will help to increase your bottom line. 

With many of your business processes automated, such as booking rooms, ordering rooms, and other services, you will be able to make savings on real-time staff. 

By using an app, you will effectively have another member of staff who is on duty 24/7 

You may be able to cut costs on employing a full front desk full-time concierge by using a ‘virtual’ concierge. The virtual system is available at any time of the day or night. 

“By using an app, you will effectively have another member of staff who is on duty 24/7”

4. More convenient for guests 

As our world becomes increasingly busier, a concierge app will help your customers get what they need more quickly. 

Waiting in reception queues for simple requests such as booking a cab, can be time-consuming. Especially if your venue caters to a large proportion of business guests. 

For more reasons on why the best concierge app designed by hoteliers means quicker and easier choices for your guests. Check out our other helpful article, 10 Reasons Your Hotel Needs A Guest App In 2021


5. Offers ‘smart’ and adaptable services

As guest requirements increasingly evolve and their needs change, a concierge app can offer your guests a ‘smart’ service.

You can add helpful information to your app. This frees up your real-life front-of-house members of staff to be more effective. 

Quick time information is important for not only your busy business guests but also if you offer more in terms of vacation breaks and services. 

Being quickly able to order additional services such as the use of the spa, or book a table in the restaurant, your guests will be able to make the most of their stay and also more likely to order additional services. 

6. Become a ‘personal assistant’ for your guests.

Local information such as restaurants, cabs, coffee shops with wifi, and other services busy business guests require, you will literally become their hotel PA. 

With a well-designed hotel app offers, services and local information is at your guest’s fingertips at any time of day. 

More and more customers pushed for time. And also, guests’ requirements are ever-evolving. By adding local information and details of your packages on a concierge app you can offer a ‘smart’ unique personal service.

A well-crafted concierge app means your busy guests will be able to make dinner reservations, book transport, and other requirements directly from the app on their smartphones.

“A well-designed hotel app offers services and local information is at your guest’s fingertips at any time of day.” 

7. Reducing human-factor mistakes.

However well trained and efficient, even the best hotel staff members are human!  Mistakes can happen with all the consequences that bring. 

With the hotel industry becoming more and more competitive, having a well-designed concierge app can support your human members of staff. 

By using AI technologies such as system notifications via push, email or SMS you are far less likely to miss or even worse or lose customers’ orders. 

8. Better staff reporting 

Using one of the best concierge apps in your venue gives you more control over staff productivity. 

Detailed app reports help a business owner monitor and measure the level of staff productivity, including their order processing speed. This would allow you to work with feedback from customers more effectively and fine up internal work processes.

“Using one of the best concierge apps in your venue gives you more control over staff productivity. “

9. Easily integrated into your POS system. 

The best concierge hotel apps will integrate easily into your Point of Sale till systems, so you can easily take guest payments at the front desk, bar, restaurant, and gift store. 

  • Record transactions 
  • Process payments 
  • Collect guest information  

10. Collect data and improve customer experience 

The best concierge hotel app is a useful reporting tool as we’ve discovered, which can also help you to understand the ever-changing needs of your customers. 

By collecting data on services booked and the type of offerings that are most popular with your customers, you will be able to provide more of the services more commonly ordered. 

You will also be able to understand the room service menu requirements of your guests and make any changes. For instance, this will enable you to offer your customers the types of menu items more frequently ordered and cut costs. 


How hotel apps work … for you!

So we hope that’s given you an overview of how a concierge app work. How they can give your guests a more simple way to interact with your services and more importantly increase your hotel’s revenue. 

To discover the benefits of using the best concierge app for your venue, get in touch for a free demo, or watch a recorded version here on our home page.

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